Class XEventAndClassifier

  extended by org.deckfour.xes.classification.XEventAttributeClassifier
      extended by org.deckfour.xes.classification.XEventAndClassifier
All Implemented Interfaces:
Comparable<XEventAttributeClassifier>, XEventClassifier

public class XEventAndClassifier
extends XEventAttributeClassifier

Composite event classifier, which can hold any number of lower-level classifiers, concatenated with boolean AND logic. This classifier will consider two events as equal, if all of its lower-level classifiers consider them as equal.

Christian W. Guenther (

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.deckfour.xes.classification.XEventAttributeClassifier
keys, name
Constructor Summary
XEventAndClassifier(XEventClassifier... comparators)
          Creates a new instance.
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compareTo, equals, getClassIdentity, getDefiningAttributeKeys, name, sameEventClass, setName, toString
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Constructor Detail


public XEventAndClassifier(XEventClassifier... comparators)
Creates a new instance.

comparators - Any number of lower-level classifiers, which are evaluated with boolean AND logic. If multiple lower-level classifiers use the same keys, this key is used only once in this classifier.