Class XParserRegistry

  extended by org.deckfour.xes.util.XRegistry<XParser>
      extended by

public class XParserRegistry
extends XRegistry<XParser>

System-wide registry for XES parser implementations. Applications can use this registry as a convenience to provide an overview about parseable formats, e.g., in the user interface. Any custom parser implementation can be registered with this registry, so that it transparently becomes available also to any other using application.

Christian W. Guenther (

Method Summary
protected  boolean areEqual(XParser a, XParser b)
          Subclasses must implement this method.
static XParserRegistry instance()
          Retrieves the singleton registry instance.
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Method Detail


public static XParserRegistry instance()
Retrieves the singleton registry instance.


protected boolean areEqual(XParser a,
                           XParser b)
Description copied from class: XRegistry
Subclasses must implement this method. It is used by the registry to ensure that no duplicates are inserted.

Specified by:
areEqual in class XRegistry<XParser>
a - An instance a.
b - Another instance b.
Whether the instances a and b are equivalent.