Package org.deckfour.xes.nikefs2

Interface Summary
NikeFS2RandomAccessStorage This interface specifies a random acess data storage container, pretty much the same as java.util.RandomAccessFile.
NikeFS2StorageProvider Simplistic interface for a central authority, from which random access storage entities can be allocated / created.

Class Summary
NikeFS2Block This class implements the abstraction of a storage block for the NikeFS2 virtual file systems.
NikeFS2BlockProvider This class implements a block provider for the NikeFS2 virtual file system.
NikeFS2LazyRandomAccessStorageImpl Lazy implementation of the random access storage in NikeFS2: Blocks are copied as late as possible (soft copies), while retaining soft links otherwise.
NikeFS2RandomAccessStorageImpl Implements the Random Access Storage interface for using the NikeFS2 virtual file system transparently to the application and user.
NikeFS2SwapFileManager This class provides static facilities to acquire and manage temporary swap files.
NikeFS2VirtualFileSystem Virtual file system authority, managing swap files and virtual file abstractions.